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SAP HANA Online Training

SAP HANA Online Training

SAP HANA is in-memory data platform that is deployable in application and in cloud. It is aninventive in-memory relational database management system thatmakes complete sense of abilities of present hardware for increase appliance performance, can lessen cost of proprietorship, to empower new scenarios and requests that are not likely before.

With this SAP HANA, you have the opportunity to progress applications that can incorporate business logic, control logic the database coating with unparalleledpresentation. One of the mainquestions is how we can minimalize data moments. The more you can dostraight on data in memory next to CPUs, the improved the application can perform. SAP HANA ADMIN is a data warehouse application for meting out high volumes of operative and transactional data in real-time. HANA makes use of in-memory analytics, atactic that questions data stored in random access memory (RAM) as a replacement for hard disk or even flash storage.

SAP HANA Online Training Pre-requisites:

  • Knowledge on basic SQL and Database
  • Data Warehouseknowledge would be beneficial

Why We?

Established with a strong vision to deliver diversified Solutions of SAP Technologies, Vtech Soft Solutions is devoted to provide quality education and exceptional training to SAP Technologies. Through these years, we have been emerged as one of the prominent and the major SAP Training Institutes in Hyderabad. We have continuously strived to stay modernized with the newest SAP updates, news internationally and have amended to the modern methods of SAP training to provide world class SAP HANA Administration Online Training.

Our SAP HANA Administration Online trainingcomprises basic to advanced level. The SAP HANA Administration trainingcourse content and prospectus are planned to make it simple for both freshers and even professionals. We cover all matters related to SAP HANA Administrationcertification, training and career.

Being the best SAP HANA Administration Online Training Institute in Hyderabad, we understand that the every single customer have a diverseSAP HANA Administration Online training requirements, to meet the necessity of one and all we have arrange SAP HANA administration Online Training, Class Room Training and even Corporate Training.

Highlights of our SAP HANA training:

  • Focus on Hands on training with more number of assignments, practice exercises and quizzes
  • Regular Assignments after each Module
  • Quality Study materials
  • SQL Concepts will be covered for better understanding of SQL Scripting.
  • Data Replication Techniques like SAP BODS, SAP LT and DXC will be covered.
  • Numerous reporting Tools on SAP HANA Information Views.
  • Case Studies based on Real-time project Scenarios
  • Certification Guidance

SAP HANA Online Training Course These are the main topics we cover:

  SAP HANA Introduction

1. In-Memory Computing
2. Evolution of In-Memory computing at SAP
3. History HANA
4. HANA Hardware Sizing
5. Product Avai labi lity Matrix
6. HANA compare to BWA

  SAP HANA Overview

1. Architectural overview
2. Row Store
3. Column Store
4. Persistency Layer

  SAP HANA Versions and Studio overview

1. SAP HANA Version
2. History of Service pack detai ls
3. Studio Overview
4. HANA Studio Preferences
5. HANA Studio Prospective

  SAP HANA Engines

1. Column Store Engine
2. Row Store Engine
3. Join Engine
4. OLAP Engines
5. Calculation Engine

  SAP HANA Modeling Attribute View

1. How to connect tables using
2. Inner Join
3. Left Outer Join
4. Right Outer Join
5. Full Outer Join
6. Text Join
7. Referential Join
8. Union
9. Filter
10. Calculated Column

  Analytic View

1. Left Outer Join – Attribute View
2. Inner Join – Analytical View
3. Right Outer Join – Analytical View
4. Referential Join – Analytical View
5. Calculated Attribute
6. Calculated Measure

  Tables in HANA

1. Column Store Table
2. Row Store Table
3. Table Type


1. Basic SQL Knowledge
2. Select Statement
3. From Clause
4. Where Clause
5. Group By clause
6. Having Clause
7. Order by Clause
8. Top N clause

  SQL Procedure in HANA

1. How to create Procedure
2. Elements of the Procedure
3. Procedures using Column Store Views
4. IF-ELSE Logic
5. For Loop Logic
6. Cursor in HANA
7. Dynamic Filter

  CE based Script in HANA


  Calculation View

1. Calculation View Graphical Method
2. Calculation SQL Script method
3. How to call Calculation view using SQL into Calculation Views


1. Delivery Units
2. Transport Individual HANA Models
3. How to load Excel data into HANA using Studio
4. Export/Import
5. How to create Sequence
6. How to create Synonym
7. How to create Trigger
8. How to create View


1. Index creation
2. Partitioning
3. Hash Partition
4. Merge Partition
5. Round Robin Partition
6. Multi-Level Partition
7. Table Redistribution

  Security & User Management

1. Creating Users
2. Creating Roles
3. Privileges
4. Authorization challenges
5. User Administration
6. Backup & Recovery
7. Collecting traces

  Data Provisioning

1. SAP Data Services extraction
2. SAP SLT Replication
3. Smart Data Access
4. SAP HANA-Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

  SAP Data Services Overview

1. What is SAP Data Services
2. SAP Data Services Architecture
3. SAP Data Services objects (Job, Data Flow, Work Flow, Transformations)

  SAP Data Services Extraction

1. Loading Data from SAP ECC to SAP HANA DB
2. Loading Data from SAP BW to SAP HANA DB
3. Loading Data from MSSQL Server DB to SAP HANA DB
4. Loading Data from Excel to SAP HANA DB
5. How to load data from HANA Information Models to MSSQL DB

  SAP SLT Data provisioning overview

1. What is SAP SLT
2. SAP SLT License options
3. SAP SLT system sizing
4. SAP SLT system landscape preparation

  SAP SLT Schema configuration

1. How to configure SLT Schema for SAP Source system
2. How to configure SLT Schema for Non-SAP Source system
3. No.of Data transfer Jobs configuration
4. How to improve Initial data loading
5. Tables configuration in SLT using Data Provisioning

  SAP SLT Performance tuning technics

1. Monitoring Replication in SLT
2. Access Plan
3. Reading Types
4. Adding Entry in the table IUUC_PRECALC_OBJ
5. Adding Entry in the table IUUC_PERF_OPTION
7. How to do Partition in SLT
8. How to restrict the tables that are allowed for replication
9. HANA Supported Data Types
10. How to change the standard mapping

  Advanced Replication Setting

1. How to Edit target table structure
2. How to Import and Export transformations
3. How to set Reading Types to handle large data tables loads

  SAP HANA-Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

1. Create DXC user
2. Create DXC Schema
3. Setting up DXC connection for SAP Source system
4. Loading Data from Excel to SAP HANA DB
5. How to load data from HANA Information Models to MSSQL DB

  HANA Advanced Analytics

  HANA Reporting BO Tools

1. How to Connect with IDT
2. How to create Universe using HANA Tables
3. How to create Webi Reports
4. Webi Functions
5. How to schedule Webi reports
6. How to assign the WebI reports to the End users

  HANA Reporting with Crystal Reports 2013

1. Report Designer
2. Report creation wizard
3. Sections
4. Sorting and Grouping
5. Chart expert
6. Formulas
7. Sub reports

  HANA Reporting with Crystal Reports for Enterprise

1. How to Connect HANA with Crystal Reports for Enterprise
2. How to create reports

  HANA Reporting with SAP Dashboards

1. How to Connect HANA with Dashboards
2. How to create Dashboard Reports

  HANA Reporting with SAP Lumira

1. How to Connect HANA with SAP Lumira
2. How to Explore HANA Data with Lumira
3. Publish Lumira report

  HANA Reporting with SAP Design Studio

1. SAP Design Studio Overview
2. How to create reports

  HANA Reporting with SAP Predictive Analysis

1. SAP Predictive Analysis Overview
2. How to Explore data with Predictive Analysis

  BW 7.3 powered by HANA Overview

1. BW 7.3 powered by HANA Overview
2. BW7.30-HANA Optimized Info Cube
3. BW7.30-HANA Optimized Info DSO
4. Importing SAP BW7.30 Models into HANA Modeling environment
5. Publish Standalone HANA Models into SAP BW 7.30 on HANA
6. BW on HANA Migration activities

  SAP HANA End to End Mock Implementation Project

1. How configure SAP 150 ECC tables using SLT Replication
2. How to configure Data loads using SAP Data Services from Oracle DB
3. How Create HANA Information models based on Business Requirement
4. Creating HANA Models using Combination of multiple Sources
5. How to generate SAP BO reports and Assign to End User
6. Creating 3 HANA Implementation projects Proof of Concepts

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